The Multi-Line Linear Motion Battle System (more simply known as ML-LMBS) is a three-dimensional version of the 2-D LMBS used in the Tales series of Action RPGs. ML-LMBS makes the Tales series' transition into the third dimension simple, by integrating the LMBS in a circular manner, the player's character being at the center of the circle.

Conceptually, it works the same as the LMBS: whatever enemy the player is currently targeting, the player faces that character and will move in a line toward or away from it depending on character movement and abilities. As with the LMBS, other nearby enemies can also be hit by attacks toward the target. Cycling through targets simply makes the character face the new target.

ML-LMBS first saw the light of day in Tales of Symphonia. It's a lot like Z-Targeting except the camera stays at the side of the avatar, rather than behind.

Games that use ML-LMBS

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