Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, MumboJumbo LLC is a publisher, developer and mass marketer of casual games for PCs and game consoles including those manufactured by Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Corporation. Established in January 2001 they originally focused exclusively on games for the Mac. In March 2003 they partnered with GameHouse to publish their popular online games for both the PC and the Mac.

MumboJumbo is a United Developers Company that has acquired other development companies such as Zono, Ritual Entertainment[1] and Hot Lava Studios.[2]

On June 11, 2008, MumboJumbo entered an agreement with Valve Software to release software on Steam.[3]

On January 25, 2010, a jury in the 193rd Civil District Court in Dallas County, Texas awarded MumboJumbo $4,600,000 in damages resulting from a breach of contract on the part of their former business partner PopCap Games. MumboJumbo had previously held a North American retail distribution agreement with the casual games developer. According to MumboJumbo, the relationship was violated when PopCap Games began to develop its own strategies for selling at retail, thereby cutting MumboJumbo out of the loop. During the 12-day trial, MumboJumbo's law firm Rose-Walker showed that PopCap's actions "severely damaged" their business relationship with Wal-Mart.[4]

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