Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit is a Japanese-developed video game. Developed by From Software (developers of the Armored Core series) and published by Ubisoft, it is From Software's first game for the Xbox. The game has no save game support on the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature.


In the year 2090, a new energy source is invented and a city is constructed to focus on the further development of this energy called Oliver Port. In response, a company called LugnalCorp utilizes this energy source for the development of conscious mecha known as ARKS (Artificial Reflexive Keneticoid). Due to the high industrial demand for the ARKs, LugnalCorp rushes the ARKs into production; after a while of operation, the ARKs rebel against their human operators and start their rebellion over Oliver Port. A team of fighter pilots is assembled to combat the renegade ARKs under the name of Murakumo.


It was very poorly received when released.[1] GameSpot's Giancarlo Varanini was particularly critical, describing it as "one of the worst games to come out for the Xbox this year."[2]