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Mystcraft is a modification for Minecraft that adds new "ages" to travel to, using different Dimensions, that can be reached by crafting books.

Mystcraft uses its own Creative Tab, but also places items in the Building Blocks, Decoration Blocks, Transportation and Miscellaneous Creative Tabs.

Facts about "Mystcraft"RDF feed
ContentTypeMod +
DeveloperXCompWiz + and CyanideX +
DisplayNameMystcraft +
GameCatMod +
Latest Version0.12.3.01 +
NameMystcraft +
NamePageMystcraft +
NamesMystcraft +
PageNameMystcraft +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformJava +
PlatformTypeJava +
RequiresMinecraft Forge +
StatusReleased +
Versions0.12.3.01 +

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