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Mystery Circle (ミステリーサークル?, "Mystery Circle") is a Tetris-like game for the Super Famicom that takes place in the distant future.


Instead of using the blocks to clear the playing board, the player must use his or her starship to make an outline of the floating shapes. This causes the shape to magically disappear into thin air. Using the A button activates a one-time feature to use a space satellite; this would destroy all block particles in the general vicinity of the starship. If the player allows the blocks to fill the entire gaming board, then he or she loses the game like in Tetris. Madness would occur every seventh level as the gravity decides to switch from normal to upside down and eventually back to normal again. While the player cannot control the drop of the blocks, the player can quickly line the starship to draw an outline of the blocks; eliminating the block pattern.

Japanese reading skills are considered to be necessary[2] only if the player needs to know the plot of this exciting puzzle video game.


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