Mystic Inn is a casual game developed by the team formerly known as Funpause, now part of Big Fish Studios, and distributed by Big Fish Games.


Daphne, a young girl walking in a forest one day, ventures into an old tavern, ignoring the warning sign on the door. She soon realizes that the place is enchanted, and that she is unable to leave it. She now has to serve patrons and restore the place to its former grandeur before she can be free again.


Acting as Daphne, the player must serve patrons as they visit the Mystic Inn. Patrons order specific, colored potions that must be prepared and served in sequence as they are requested. Daphne must also handle "orders to go", brought in by owls sent by their masters to the Inn. Using the mouse, the player will click to seat the patrons, prepare potions, pick them up, serve them to customers, and collect magical orbs left behind by patrons as payment. Along the way, using the magical orbs as currency, Daphne will restore the Inn, gaining various ways to cope with the increasing demand, as well as dealing with hazards such as dragons stealing potions before they can be served to patrons.


Mystic Inn was a breakaway hit. It ranked as the #1 sale for 4 weeks on industry's top downloadable games portal RealArcade, staying in RealArcade's top 10 for 7 weeks, as well as staying in the top 5 or top 10 of most other large downloadable game portals for up to three months.


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