N.U.D.E.@ Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment is a 2003 Xbox game, released only in Japan. It is a simulation-style game in which the player assumes the role of tester for a new product. This product is a female humanoid robot called P.A.S.S., or Personal Assist Secretary System. This robot has only a very basic amount of functionality to start, and must be taught how to complete tasks. To accomplish this, the robot is issued voice commands by the player using the included headset, the Xbox Communicator.


The game is similar in concept to the groundbreaking Sega Dreamcast game Seaman where you interact with an avatar via voice. The game includes a chat headset to interact with your new robotic girl.

All communication is in Japanese, however several resources are available online to download "translated" guides and walkthroughs in English.

N.U.D.E. never received an official release outside of Japan and import copies are very difficult to acquire. Only a handful are found on eBay each year, with copies in 2008 selling for an all-time high of up to $150 + shipping.Template:Life-simulation-videogame-stub