There are several terms for a new player: n00b/noob/noobie, lowbie, or newb/newbie.

The difference between a n00b and a newbie, is that a newbie doesn't know how things work simply because they are new to the game. A n00b doesn't know how things work because they're an idiot. Thus, n00bs can remain n00bs after months of playing and reaching the highest levels of a game (they usually only make it so far by use of power-leveling).

Ironically, use of the term is an insult to the insulter almost as often as to the insultee. It is l33t speak, so unless it's being used sarcastically it makes the insulter sound like an idiot. So, in fact, the people who call others n00bs the most often, are usually other n00bs.

Varient Spellings

  • newb
  • nub
  • nublet,
  • noob,
  • nooblet,
  • foob,
  • froob,
  • nubzors,
  • nubcake,
  • nub-nub,
  • raw nub,
  • noobtard,
  • noobstain,
  • nubumb,
  • dumbnub,
  • n00b,
  • t3h n00bzorz,
  • n00b3h,
  • n00bx0r,

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