Cheat Codes

In fight to the top mode, go to the edit driver screen and enter the following codes without quotes as your first and last names. They are case sensitive.

  • "Walmart Money" - 10 million dollars
  • "The Intimidator" - Dale Earnhardt Sr.
  • "Super Star" - Max Fan Level
  • "MeMyself AndI" - Max prestige
  • "All ForOne" - Max Team prestige
  • "Race Thetruck" - Race the UPS Truck
  • "Gimme Gimme" - Unlock All
  • "KeepCool; SmellGreat" - Unlocks everything Old Spice
  • "Walmart Exclusive" - Walmart Driver and Track


  • Victory Lap: Press the Start button just after winning the race to do a victory lap.

Easter Eggs

  • Yell at your Crew Chief. (Headset only): If you say a curse word at your crew chief, he'll talk about you getting fined.

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