NASCAR 99 is a racing simulator video game game developed and published by EA Sports and co-developed by Stormfront Studios. It was released for Nintendo 64 on September 11, 1998, and for the PlayStation on September 30, 1998. NASCAR 99 is the second game in the EA Sports NASCAR series of video games.

Critical ReviewsEdit

NASCAR 99 received mixed reviews upon its release. The game was praised for its realistic graphics regarding the cars, although critics felt that the other graphics were "lacking". Also, critics stated that the game was "repetitive and boring," mainly because of the 17 tracks included in the game, only 2 are road-courses (Watkins Glen and Sears Point), and the rest are a mix of ovals, tri-ovals, quad ovals, and short tracks.

NASCAR 99 LegacyEdit

  • In NASCAR 99 LEGACY the changes are:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the cup car at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The opening has changed as well, with the "I'm faster than you, and I can prove it" challenge as told through the Legacy of NASCAR.‎