NASCAR Racing 4 is a racing simulator produced by Papyrus and released in February 2001. The game was a huge step forward over its predecessor and addressed many requested features for the game. Namely was the introduction of full 24k color, as the previous games had only allowed 256, vastly improved car models and environments and, for the first time, the ability of the car to rotate in three dimensions (i.e. the ability of the car to get airborne and flip).[1] The simulator also continued the increased efforts to reflect the aspects of driving a real car.

This was the first version of the game since NASCAR Racing 2 to have actual car manufacturers represented [citation needed]. Additionally, it was the first version of the game to feature the ability to race a full 43 car field. It was the first installment in the "NASCAR Racing" series to include Daytona International Speedway, and included all 21 tracks that were raced in Winston Cup in 2000. It included 25 of the drivers and teams from the 2001 season, including Dale Earnhardt, as well as 42 fictional drivers and teams, most of which carried fictional sponsors or are sponsored by a Sierra company.

NASCAR Racing 4 was followed by NASCAR Racing 2002 Season.

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  • Sierra Publisher of NASCAR Racing 4


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