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NBA Ballers: Chosen One is a video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the sequel to NBA Ballers: Phenom.

NBA Ballers: Chosen One allows players to live the life of an NBA superstar. The game features competitive combo and super-move systems.


When playing, your performance determines the evolution of your career as a basketball player and as a superstar. The game features new moves to the series, such as "Shut 'Em Down" super moves and Act-A-Fool combos.The game can be played single-player, multi-player and online play, with options to play 1-v-1, 2-v-2 or 1-v-1-v-1 matches.

As well as online play, downloadable content is available and features over 500 new items including players.

Hip-hop star Chuck D calls the play-by-play action while Just Blaze created over 30 custom tracks for the game.


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