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NBA Ballers: Phenom is a video game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It is the sequel to NBA Ballers, which featured Stephon Marbury and Chauncey Billups. In this game, celebrities such as Jin, Ludacris, Trikz, Hot Sauce, and Chingy can be played. The main story is based on the friendship between the player and Hot Sauce. One day, Hot Sauce signs up for a one-man street baller organization and steals the player's girlfriend. The gamer must then get back at him by showing off his streetball skills. The game features four divided sections of Los Angeles: Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles International Airport. An extra disc containing the soundtrack comes with the game. There are 20,000 customization combinations, with options including haircuts, headgear, tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry, backpacks, knee pads, elbow pads, watches, shoes and glasses.


The story mode feature in NBA Ballers: Phenom is the games main feature. The player creates a custom character and can choose from a variety of customizations such as height, age, body type, position and more. The story is built around the created player, the Phenom and his rivalry with former friend Philip "Hot Sauce" Champion. After Hot Sauce convinces the scouts that he and you are indeed a one man show, Hot Sauce being the one man. Not only does he steal your glory but he steals your girlfriend too. It's NBA Finals week and you are setting out to prove just how good you are. With the million dollars and NBA's number 1 draft position up for offer, you must do whatever it takes to become the best. The main games are played in Tournament style the same as NBA Ballers. There are 4 locations in which you can compete in Tournaments. You can go back to your hotel when you are not competing in an event, where you can save the game, exit the game, continue the game, modify your baller and design your mansion. Two of the locations (Beverly Hills and Venice Beach) are explorable. You can walk around the town doing numerous tasks such as collecting the hidden diamonds, play Peja's Hot Hoops and you can talk to certain people and do tasks for them resulting in a generous reward and there is even a ticket stand where you can buy tickets to participate in certain events such as the Freestyle Rap Battle with Jin.


There are a cornucopia of current and former NBA stars and even some celebrities.

Current NBA Stars

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