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Yes, the NBA was once on NBC. NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is a basketball game that for some reason chose to include the name of a network in their title, as if that would attract people. It's got Shaq, though. He's even on the box. The console version of the games is a modified version of the Arcade game, NBA Showtime. Except the Dreamcast version, which is more similar to the Arcade game than the other two versions, though still shares the same name.

The difference between the Arcade game and the console versions are a few exclusive features such as an Infinite Turbo mode, where turbo, as you can probably guess, is infinite. Overall, it is an unrealistic arcadey basketball game in the same vein as NBA Jam was. The ball is even "on fire" when you make shots just like NBA Jam.

NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC has everyone you've come to expect of a licensed basketball game. All the teams and players of the time, authentic arenas, authentic graphics, and more. __FLAGS__

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