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NCAA College Football 2K3 is an American football video game released in 2002 by Visual Concepts. The cover athlete is former Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback Eric Crouch. It is the second College Football game by Visual Concepts (the first being NCAA College Football 2K2: Road to the Rose Bowl for the Dreamcast ). The game also has ESPN style game play, meaning at halftime it gives you a report on your game and others around the league. It includes an editable roster, but you cannot name the players. There are basic game modes such as the dynasty or jump in to a quck play. Dynasty is where you lead your team over the course of a year to the National Championship. Legacy mode is when you comepletely take over a team, control its recruiting classes, and remain a "Division I" powerhouse. It is also considered one of the rarest games for the Nintendo GameCube.