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NDOORS Corporation is a Korean gaming corporation and developer of online games and MMORPGs and is a subsidiary of one of the world's largest online gaming companies, Nexon Corporation. Its headquarters are located in Seoul, South Korea. NDOORS Corporation first started out as "Intizen co., Ltd" in September of 1999, but later changed their name in October of 2004 to "Ndoors Corporation." On January 18, 2006, NDOORS Corporation took over Koong Entertainment which meant that NDOORS not only would be able to create PC Games, but PSP2 and PSP console games as well.[1] NDOORS is "a company built by passion and creativity." [2] The current CEO of NDOORS Corporation is Cho, SeongWon.[3] The NDOORS logo can be simplified as "Distinction, Sympathy, and Expansion."[4]

History [5]

NDOORS Corp. published their first title, GoonZu Online, in January of 2004. This would become their first successful game and would lead to many awards. Thanks to GoonZu Online's success Walden International funded $4 Million to NDOORS Corporation and Kee Lock CHUA, Managing Director of Walden International, would join NDOORS' board as director. This would become a major part in NDOORS globalization drive. [6] Recently, their title, "Atlantica Online," has been awarded First Prize at the 2008 Korea Game Award.[7]

Partnership with NEXON Corporation

On October 13, 2006, Nexon CEO, Kim, Jung Joo, announced that they, NEXON Corporation, have signed a contract with NDOORS Corporation on October 12. Later that year, on November 9, NEXON Corporation, under the NEXON Korea division, at GSTAR 2006 released a gameplay video of "KoongPa" developed by NDOORS Corporation.[8]

Nexon's Acquisition

On May 4, 2010, it was announced that Nexon Corporation had acquired NDOORS. Nexon officially confirmed that the company has signed a deal to acquire Ndoors, a developer of Atlantica and Goonzu in an effort to beef up its RPG lineup. The amount that Nexon paid for 67% of Ndoors’ equity wasn’t disclosed but is speculated to be close to 200 billion Won (US$ 153.9 million), which was the original ‘wish-price’ from Ndoors.

From this acquisition, Nexon will take over IPs of Goonzu Online, Atlantica, Corum Online, two upcoming MMORPG titles as well as publishing rights of Perfect World’s Battle of the Immortals in Korea.



File:NDOORS Global Logo.png

Also known as, NDOORS Interactive, this branch is located in USA, North America. NDOORS Interactive contains three games, "Atlantica Online," "WonderKing Online," and "Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu." WonderKing Online is currently unique to NDOORS Global. Where as Atlantica (also known as Atlantica Online) and Luminary (also known as GoonZu Online and Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu) are located in other divisions as well.


File:NDOORS Japan Logo.png

Also known as, NDOORS Entertainment, this branch is located in Japan. NDOORS Entertainment contains four games, "GoonZu Online," "Atlantica Online," "Corum Online," and "Liens Online." Liens Online is unique to the NDOORS Japan division. See NDOORS Japan (Locations) for more information.



Begun in April of 2008, NDOORS Corporation licensed Atlantica Online to The9. Open Beta Testing for "GoonZu Online" (Chinese: HwanReo Goonzu) began in China, HwanReo Entertainment is the company that runs the Chinese version of GoonZu Online.[11]


Currently Aeria Games (of Germany) has been licensed "GoonZu Online." This version of "GoonZu Online" has yet to go commercial and therefor does not have a homepage yet.[12]
Since 2009 Ndoors is operating from Germany for Europe. They started 2009 in Germany with Atlantica Online, French service for Atlantica Online started 2010.


Begun on August 10 of 2005, NDOORS Corporation licensed "GoonZu Online" to GameSpot.[13] GoonZu Online would not go commercial in Japan until August of 2006. See NDOORS Japan (Divisions) for more information.


The Korean NDOORS division was the forerunner of NDOORS Corporation.


Begun in September of 2007, NDOORS Corporation licensed "GoonZu Online" (Chinese: 君主Online) to MacroWell Technology Co.Ltd.[14]


Begun in October of 2007, NDOORS Corporation licensed "GoonZu Online" to NHN USA.[15]


Begun in February of 2009, NDOORS Corporation licensed "Atlantica Online" to VTC Intercom. "Atlantica Online" is currently the only game from the NDOORS Vietnam division.

NDOORS partners [16]

"NHN Corporation"


"CJ Corporation"



"Nexon Corporation"

"VTC Intercom"

"GALA Net"

"Aeria Games"



NDOORS games

"Atlantica Online"

"Corum Online"

"GoonZu Online"

"GoonZu Special"


"Liens Online"

"Luminary:Rise of the Goonzu"

"Time N Tales"

"WonderKing Online"

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