NHL Hitz 20–02, also known as NHL Hitz 2002, is an arcade-style ice hockey video game released by Midway Games. Midway launched this game along with NFL Blitz. The game was a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube and was also released on Xbox and PlayStation 2. It differs from traditional NHL games in that it does not try to accurately simulate real-life ice hockey. The rules are much more relaxed and the attributes of players dramatically increased, giving the game its "arcade-y" feel. The Game used a 3 on 3 approach with 3 more players on the bench. Line Changes could be done in between periods. Fights were included in the game, but the rules of such greatly differed from NHL rules. Fights lasted until someone went down, and the person who lost was taken out of the game permanently. Since there were only 6 players per team, after one team lost 3 fights, there could be no more fights as there were no odd man situations. Hits were encouraged rather than penalized, players could be taken out of the play by knocking them over, incurring no penalties. If a player scored 3 goals in a row on their respective team (the other team could score in the midst of this streak) that player went "On Fire" making them tougher to knock down and giving them a more powerful shot. If any team scored three one-timers in a row they would achieve "Team Fire" in which every player would have Blue Flames surrounding them and have all the advantages of the afforementioned On Fire. There are no line changes during a period and there is no regular season play[citation needed]. The front cover features NHL defenceman Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils.

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