GTX Titan X
Type GPU
Chipset GM200
Reference designer NVIDIA
Product family NVIDIA GeForce
Product generation NVIDIA GeForce 900
Release date March 17, 2015
Manufacturer(s) AsusEVGAGigabyteMSIPalitZotac
Supported technologies DirectX 12SLINVIDIA G-SyncNVIDIA GameStreamNVIDIA ShadowPlayNVIDIA GameWorksDynamic Super ResolutionMFAAOpenGLCUDA
CUDA Cores 3072
Video memory 12 GB
Memory interface GDDR5
Memory bus width 384-bit
Video interfaces DVI-IHDMIDisplayPort
Power consumption (estimate) 250W
Recommended PSU wattage 600W
Maximum digital resolution 5120x3200
Maximum VGA resolution 2048x1536

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X is the flagship graphics processing unit for the GeForce 900 series.

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