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The Namco 32-bit NB-1 arcade system board was first used by Namco in 1993. NB-2 has different memory map, more complex sprite and tile banking and 2 additional ROZ layers than NB-1.

Namco NB-1/NB-2 specifications

  • Main CPU: Motorola 68020 32-bit processor @ 25 MHz
  • Secondary CPUs: C329 + C137
  • Custom graphics chips: GFX: 123, 145, 156, C116 - Motion Objects: C355, 187, C347
  • Sound CPU: C351
  • PCM Sound chip: C352
  • Control chip: C160
  • Board composition: 2 boards (NB-1) or single board (NB-2)

List of Namco NB-1 arcade games

List of Namco NB-2 arcade games

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