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The Namco Warp & Warp was an arcade game system board and Namco's first hardware type, which was first used in 1978; the second and third games to run on it, Bomb Bee and Cutie Q, were modified to support a 256-color palette.

Namco Warp & Warp specifications

List of Namco Warp & Warp arcade games

  • Gee Bee (1978) - Namco's first game, and the first one to run on this hardware as a result of this fact
  • Bomb Bee (1979) - sequel to Gee Bee
  • Cutie Q (1979) - second sequel to Gee Bee
  • Navarone (1980)
  • Kaitei Takara Sagashi (1980) - originally developed by K. K. Tokki as a prototype
  • SOS (1980)
  • Tank Battalion (1980) - uses a modified version of this hardware, although some sites state it uses its own unique hardware and CPU (a Motorola M6502, running at 1 MHz)
  • Warp & Warp (also known as Warp Warp) (1981) - During 1981, the hardware was specified as "Namco Warp & Warp", although it was the last game that ran on it


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