The second installment of the popular fighting series, based on the Anime series Naruto. It introduces 12 new characters that weren't available in Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen!.


The Mission Mode in the game closely follows events in the Anime from Naruto, Skaura and Sasuke's training with Kakashi to Naruto vs. Gaara when Konoha is attacked during the last stage of the Chuunin Exam.


There are 10 characters available from the start of the game with 12 that can be unlocked, bringing the total number of characters to 22.

Starting Characters

  1. Uzumaki Naruto
  2. Uchiha Sasuke
  3. Haruno Sakura
  4. Hatake Kakashi
  5. Rock Lee
  6. Inuzuka Kiba
  7. Hyuuga Hinata
  8. Yamanaka Ino
  9. Nara Shikamaru
  10. Gaara

Unlockable Characters

  1. Umino Iruka
  2. Haku
  3. Momochi Zabuza
  4. Kyuubi Naruto
  5. Hyuuga Neji
  6. Kankuro
  7. Maito Gai
  8. Sharingan Kakashi
  9. Orochimaru
  10. Sharingan Sasuke
  11. Akamaru
  12. Karasu

Mission Mode

Mission mode contains 30 different missions (themed fights). Missions 1 to 20 cover actual events in the anime. While 21 to 30 are just extra scenarios.

  1. Naruto vs. Iruka (Basics Tutorial)
  2. Naruto vs. Sasuke
  3. Naruto vs. Sakura
  4. Naruto & Sasuke & Sakura vs. Kakashi
  5. Naruto & Sasuke vs. Haku
  6. Kyuubi Naruto vs. Haku
  7. Naruto & Sasuke & Sakura vs. Zabuza
  8. Sharingan Kakashi vs. Zabuza
  9. Naruto vs. Rock Lee
  10. Sasuke vs. Rock Lee
  11. Sasuke & Naruto & Sakura vs. Orochimaru
  12. Naruto vs. Shadow Clones
  13. Sakura vs. Ino
  14. Naruto vs. Kiba
  15. Hinata vs. Neji
  16. Rock Lee vs. Gaara
  17. Naruto vs. Neji
  18. Sasuke vs. Gaara
  19. Sasuke vs. Kankurou & Gaara
  20. Naruto vs. Gaara
  21. Rock Lee vs. Gai
  22. Rock Lee vs. Neji
  23. Sasuke vs. Neji
  24. Kakashi vs. Gai
  25. Kakashi vs. Orochimaru
  26. Ino vs. Shikamaru
  27. Hinata vs. Kiba
  28. Neji vs. Gai
  29. Gaara vs. Kankuro
  30. Sasuke vs. Kakashi

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