Basic Information

Nasir is a dragon tribe laguz. He is a white dragon and is Ena's grandfather. He is playable in Path of Radiance and Appears in Radiant dawn as an enemy. He seeks to mend the rift between beorc and laguz. 

Path of Radiance

Nasir served as a spy and double angent; spying both for Daein and Gallia. He explains to Ike that all he wanted to do is reunite Ena with her husband. If you lose the duel agaisnt the Black Knight, Nasir saves you. If you win the duel with the Black Knight he joins you at the second to last chapter of the game.

Radiant Dawn

Nasir in Radiant Dawn does not show up until late game. He is accomponies Dhegensia along with Garen where you fight dragons of Goldoa. You do not have to kill him and doing so would actually be disadvantageous as if Nasir and Garen survive, they join you in for the level after. 

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