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An unremarkable methane-ammonia gas giant, Nataisa would be of no consequence if it weren't the only approachable gas giant in the Satent system. Boro's volus colony has set up a few automated ice cracking stations around the planet and Narhu Combine has been contracted to set up a helium-3 extraction facility. Construction has lagged due to the CEO's arrest in a kickback scandal that reaches to the highest levels of the Vol Ministry of the Frontier.

Facts about "Nataisa"RDF feed
Day Length8.9 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameNataisa +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameNataisa +
NamePageNataisa +
NamesNataisa +
Orbital Distance4.1 AU +
Orbital Period8.3 Earth Years +
PageNameNataisa +
PageTypeElement +
Radius23,623 km +

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