Nd Cube Co., Ltd. (エヌディーキューブ株式会社 Enudī Kyūbu Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Nintendo subsidiary and Japanese video game developer based in Japan with offices in Tokyo and Sapporo. Nd Cube is a fully owned Nintendo subsidiary as of August, 2010. Originally the company was founded March 1, 2000 through a joint venture between Nintendo and advertising firm Dentsu, hence the Nd in the name.[1] The subsidiary shares were purchased by 78% in part by Nintendo, 13.3% by Dentsu, 8.7% by, as of yet, undecided shareholders. But in 2010, Nintendo decided to buy out 98% of the shares, with ad partner Dentsu stepping aside.[2] The company states it is an official R&D subsidiary of Nintendo Co., Ltd on its website.[3]

Since Nd Cube was founded, they have kept a low profile working on various Japanese GameCube and Game Boy Advance titles. Two notable games that have reached western shores are F-Zero: Maximum Velocity and Tube Slider.

By April 2006, many of the Nd Cube's employees began migrating to other companies, such as Nintendo and Square Enix.[1] After five years of silence, Nd Cube is posting job ads for DS and Wii development, and they updated their copyright notice to 2008. The company is now headed by Makoto Tokugawa, who was the former CEO of Quest Corporation. Nd Cube are currently working on the 2010 title Wii Party for the Wii console.[4]

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