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Orbital Distance: N/A, currently 26.6 AU from Hali

Neargas is an icy planet far from the system's twin suns. Star charts indicate that Neargas once orbited the binary star in a figure-8 pattern that proved too unstable to maintain. The planet is now hurtling out of the system.

Facts about "Neargas"RDF feed
Atmospheric PressureTrace +
Day Length35.7 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameNeargas +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameNeargas +
NamePageNeargas +
NamesNeargas +
Orbital DistanceN/A +
Orbital PeriodN/A +
PageNameNeargas +
PageTypeElement +
Radius3,897 km +
Surface Gravity0.38 G +
Surface Temperature115.15 K (-158 °C, -252.4 °F, 207.27 °R) +

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