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Nearog is a hydrogen-methane gas giant whose moons were once home to Essul, a batarian warlord who terrorized the Terminus Systems. Attempting to unite a pirate army under his banner, he successfully conducted a rapid blitz against 11 habitable planets.

Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, Essul's crimes caught the attention of the Spectres, who deduces his hidden location and assassinated him. Essul's empire, built on a hyperextended army, soon came crashing down. His lost stockpiles of element zero have become something of a legend, and foolish spacers have spent countless amounts of time and money searching the Batalla system, convinced they will be the ones that finally strike it rich.

Facts about "Nearog"RDF feed
Day Length16.5 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameNearog +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameNearog +
NamePageNearog +
NamesNearog +
Orbital Distance4.8 AU +
Orbital Period11.8 Earth Years +
PageNameNearog +
PageTypeElement +
Radius19,976 km +

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