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Instead of having theme music for each track, the music in the game is treated as an in-game soundtrack, playing a random song for each race.

  1. Saki Kaskas - "Amorphous Being"
  2. Lunatic Calm - "Roll The Dice"
  3. Rom Di Prisco - "Rock This"
  4. Dylan Rhymes - "Naked and Ashamed"
  5. Junkie XL - "War"
  6. Crispin Hands - "Bionic"
  7. The Funk Lab - "I am Electro"
  8. Rom Di Prisco - "Liquid Plasma"
  9. Junkie XL - "Fight"
  10. DJ Icey - "Clutch"
  11. Rom Di Prisco - "Bring That Beat Back"
  12. Dastrix - "Dude in the Moon"
  13. Junkie XL - "Def Beat"
  14. The Experiment - "Cost of Freedom"
  15. Saki Kaskas - "Globular Cluster"
  16. Junkie XL - "No Remorse"
  17. Surreal Madrid - "Insanity Sauce"
  18. Rom Di Prisco - "Road Warrior"
  19. Saki Kaskas - "Callista"
  20. Rom Di Prisco - "Electro Optik"
Menu Music:
  1. Saki Kaskas - "Bulbular Swirl"
  2. Romolo Di Prisco - "Cygnus Rift"
  3. Romolo Di Prisco - "Paradigm Shifter"
  4. Romolo Di Prisco - "Photon Rez"
  5. Romolo Di Prisco - "Quantum Singularity"
  6. Romolo Di Prisco, Saki Kaskas, Crispin Hands, Robert Ridihalgh - "Runnin'"

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