Need for Speed: ProStreet is the 15th installment in Electronic Arts game series "Need for Speed". Instead of the traditional "illegal" races, all races are now legal, in a closed track in the city or country. Unlike previous Need For Speed (commonly abbreviated as 'NFS') games this is probably the first in which they attempted to dip into the simulation side of racing. While the game still retains most of the arcade qualities of the previous Need For Speed games, this has several new features that would normally be attributed to games like Gran Turismo such as aerodynamics and tire grip and wear. There is also a damage modeling that actually affects the performance of the car, unlike NFS Most Wanted or the Underground series where the damage was merely cosmetic.

Also, unlike the previous NFS games, this game is one of the only ones in recent NFS history that does not involve street racing but instead has syndicated track racing. This could probably be attributed to certain activist groups stating that games like NFS Most Wanted and Underground encouraged people to street race, therefore this game could be seen as an attempt to move away from those accusations. However, with the next release being Need For Speed: Undercover, this is probably not entirely the case.

There are various racetypes in this game that were not in previous games or at least not the same, such as circuit (which was in past ones only now its a closed off track), Drag (again in previous versions except now it is on a closed off track with stands and people), Drift, and Speed Challenge. Speed Challenge is perhaps the most ridiculous of them all and the least like a simulation as races tend to be at speeds upwards of 180 mph and as the player progresses, up to 220 mph.

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