As is its predecessor, the section of music present in Need for Speed II consists of both instrumental "rock" and "techno" music, but with the game's main menu exclusively playing techno music.

The game's racing music are composed in a way that each two musical tracks are best played in specific racing tracks, using specific musical instruments and songs relative to the track's location alongside rock and techno musical instruments. The game also allows the player to enable what is known as "interactive music," which allows the game to play specific breaks when the player is driving along a specific portion of a racing track. The feature is also programmed to react to the player crashing, driving slowly, or leading from a pack of racers.

These traits are short lived in the initial portion of the series, with only its Special Edition and its successor, Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998), reusing these features. Only with the release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (2002) was both rock and electronic music featured in the play list again, while interactive music was only reintroduced to a limited extent with the release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005), which extensively uses the feature in police pursuits, the music reacting to the heat level the player is currently in, and the player hiding or being arrested. Need for Speed: Carbon (2006) features interactive music additionally in canyon races, reacting to whether the player is in the lead, or if the player wins or rams through a guard rail and falls over the edge of the road.

  1. Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas - "Headless Horse" – 5:23
  2. Saki Kaskas - "Feta Cheese" – 4:05
  3. Romolo Di Prisco - (Lotus Esprit V8 theme) – 0:42
  4. Jeff van Dyck - "Corroboree" – 2:45
  5. Alistair Hirst - "Hell-Bent for Lederhosen"– 5:11
  6. Koko Productions - (Ford GT90 theme) – 0:35
  7. Crispin Hands - "Cerebral Plumbing" – 4:55
  8. Jay Weinland - "Sound Stage Strut" – 4:11
  9. Saki Kaskas & Romolo Di Prisco - (Lotus GT1 theme) – 0:30
  10. Alistair Hirst - "Kangchenjunga" – 6:31
  11. Jeff van Dyck - "Pavlova" – 2:42
  12. Koko Productions - (Italdesign Cala theme) – 0:40
  13. Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas - "Fasolatha" – 3:30
  14. Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas - "Gore" (Intro video theme) – 4:57
  15. Saki Kaskas - (Jaguar XJ220 theme) – 0:43
  16. Saki Kaskas - "Sanoqoua" – 4:16
  17. Robert Ridihalgh - "Halling It" – 2:48
  18. Jeff van Dyck & Saki Kaskas - "Nashat" – 6:32
  19. Jeff van Dyck - "Heinerklingle" – 3:38
  20. Romolo Di Prisco - (McLaren F1 theme) – 0:41
  21. Saki Kaskas - "Siwash Rock" – 3:22
  22. Romolo Di Prisco - (Menu) – 4:00

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