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Neglected: Beginning is a 2015 Indie Game created by an Indie Developer called Callum Davies. The game is in the horror genre, the game uses the FPS Creator engine and took a total of 5 months to develop because of the engine's limitations. The game was published on GameJolt on Feburary 23, 2015 and was given a Teen Rating.


Dragged from civilisation, Larry Von Larson is captured in a basement. Where he may be is unknown but what he wants to do is clear. He wants to get out.

Now only you can help him avoid the monster inside this place and only you can help him escape.

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Facts about "Neglected: Beginning"RDF feed
ContentTypeVideo Game +
DeveloperCallum Davies +
DisplayNameNeglected: Beginning +
EngineFPS Creator +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreHorror +
International Microsoft Windows Release23 February 2015 +
International Release23 February 2015 +
Latest Version1.0.0 +
Microsoft Windows Release23 February 2015 +
NameNeglected: Beginning +
NamePageNeglected: Beginning +
NamesNeglected: Beginning +
OGRST +, Mild Fantasy Violence +, Mild Realistic Violence + and Realistic Bloodshed +
PageNameNeglected: Beginning +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformMicrosoft Windows +
PlatformTypePC + and OS +
RatingBodiesOGRS +
RatingsOGRS-T +
RegionInternational +
StatusReleased +
Versions1.0.0 +
Year2015 +

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