Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation (official title[3][4]), also known as Neighbours from Hell: On Vacation[1] and Neighbours from Hell 2[2], is a comedy strategy video game for Microsoft Windows.


  • Woody - The Playable Character.
  • Mr. Rottweiler (The Neighbour From Hell) - The neighbour that Woody must play tricks on.
  • Mom - Mr. Rottweiler's mom.
  • Olga - The woman that the Neighbour is attracted to.
  • Olga's child - He is the boy that the Neighbour tends to pick on.
  • Mom's dog - The dog, the Neighbour takes care for his mom.


In this game instead of being in a house, the player travels to various locations around the world. This time the player must have his caution turned to the Mom of the Neighbour from Hell too, if he doesn't want to be caught.

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