Unlike many video games based on anime, this game boasts high production values, such as use of original footage from the show, as well as the original voice actors. This is noteworthy not only due to the game being based on an anime, but also due to the fact that this game was made for the Nintendo 64, which, due to its cartridge media, rarely had prerendered video in games.

The video game was only released in Japan. No projects of international release have been carried out.

Plot summary

It is the year 2015. The story begins with Tokyo-3 being attacked by an entity called Angel. A paramilitary organization called NERV launches a machine called Evangelion Unit 01 (or EVA-01), piloted by Shinji Ikari (the main character), to stop it.


The game follows the storyline of the series to the letter, as each level is taken directly from an episode of the series, making it one of the most faithful anime-based video games ever made. It's also the most popular and famed amongst fans was best known for each level of the game plays out like its own mini-game, with instructions on controls given before the level begins. Half of the levels are side-scrolling, 3D fighting levels, with the player controlling an EVA, while the other half involve their own styles of play.

The game has 13 missions which the player plays through the best parts of the anime series.

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