Now this is my first walkthrow i have ever done and i suck at spelling so don't be mad ok.

And i only really play this game so i can relive the aname ok remember that. And i am only writing this because

i was looking for a walkthrow for level 9 so go away if that's what you want k? And can some one please

write a better one please IM BEGGING U!! Ok lets get started.

I only play it on a N64 Emulator and its in Japanese. But i think its always in jap..

In the mane menu there are three options. 1 is Story mode 2 option mode and 3 Simulation mode.

Simulation mode i have no idea how to unlock more. I suppose beat the game.

Option mode has a difficulty setting and a option called THIRDIMPACT Don't push it unless you

want to deleat your games. Go story mode to lisen to a instramental crul angels thisis. YAY

Than go new game. OK. beat the crap out of the angel. try not to get your umbibical cabel knoked off or you will have

5 minits to kill the angel. But if you do it might make the fight quiker. Ok now if you want eva to go baserk make him get pwnd. ok then keep pressing A until he kicks the angel and he will go flying and do a heep of damage. well more

than just thrashing about like a retarded shinji lol. another strategy would be using your AT feald. C down

If you use the AT feald at the same time as the angel you will break threw it by tapping A and C down. If

you do this i will have a similor outcome to going beserk. so die or use AT feald. dying is easyer but i give you

a time limit.

Warning Eva 01 makes scary noises when he baserks

keep that in mind. Level 1 end

Level 2

I suggest the same stratergy but if you die you die not go beserk. So use the AT feald and kick some angel Butt!

Level 3

If you are on the emulator turn the sesitivity down to about 50% or a little more it will make things a lot easyer.

But just aim and fire befor it dose Syimple i think.

Level 4 Hang on ill just check something. Sorry if i suck that bad

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