Neon Wars is a one player Arcade Style Abstract Shooter. Created by Blitwise Productions, Neon Wars uses bright colors and lots of particle type effects to add visual appeal. The gameplay consists of moving you mouse around to avoid enemies as they approach you, collect 'stars' (which enable you to level up your primary weapon), collect special weapons, and coming out with the best possible score. The gameplay is extremely fast and constant (with the exception of pausing), getting faster as your score goes up. The game is vaguely based on Geometry Wars, with the main exception being that the 'ship' you control auotmatically fires at the nearest enemy.

System requirementsEdit

  • Processor: 300 MHz Intel or AMD Athlon/Duron processor
  • Operating system:
    • Windows 2000/XP or greater
    • Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later
  • Video card: Hardware accelerated 3D graphics (ATI Radeon, NVidia GeForce or comparable chipset)


Each of the seven zones has its own unique features and enemies, and increase in difficulty as they proceed. They are, in difficulty level (easiest to hardest) Blue Zone, Turquoise Zone, Green Zone, Orange Zone, Red Zone, Purple Zone and Violet Zone.


There are 21 different types of enemies in the game, each with different moving styles. Some are "Linked Types" which means they can link together like a chain and move in a synchronized manner.

Cog: 25 Points Moves in only one direction.

Butterfly: 50 Points Chases the player very slowly.

Dart: 25 Points Linked type. Moves randomly, alternating between turning left and right.

Circle: 100 Points Moves in a circular motion and chases the player slowly.

Spinner: 50 Points Moves in a circular motion and in one direction, does not chase player.

Gem: 50 Points Chases player, breaks into two smaller sections when hit.

Square: 20 Points Moves to collect 5 stars, then chases after the player.

Wheel: 25 Points Moves in one direction, changes direction after a short time.

Whirl: 50 Points Moves in a whirling motion, and chases the player.

Chain: 25 Points Link Type. Moves Randomly, different degrees to the left, right or straight.

Diamond: 10 Points Small but fast, and chases player.

Hexagon: 20 Points Moves to collect 7 stars, then chases the player.

Worm: 50 Points Moves randomly. Turns left or right.

Magnet: 100 Points Moves in a swinging motion and chases the player.

Globe: 100 points Moves towards the center of the zone or level.

Arrow: 50 Points Moves towards the player switching between full speed and half speed.

Centi: 25 Points Linked type. Moves randomly either 90 degrees right, 90 degrees left or straight.

Triangletop: 50 Points Moves randomly and slightly away from player. Shoots triangles at the player.

Wedge: 50 Points Moves to collect 10 stars then chases.

Cell: 10 Points Drifts slowly, if left alone it will multiply.

Pac: 100 Points Constantly turns, but tends to turn towards the player.

Weapons Edit

The main weapon you control is a small concentrated blast your 'ship' emits very quickly toward the nearest approaching enemy. Unlike most other games in the genre, your 'ship' does this for you at every second in the game, allowing you to concentrate on avoiding enemies. By avoiding enemies for certain amount of time, or by collecting a certain number of 'stars', you are given a special weapon from the list below at random, which you can activate by clicking.

1. Laser: A laser replaces your weapon for a time, and destroys any enemies that are close.

2. Shield: A shield which protects you from being destroyed for a limited time.

3. Beams: Shoots 32 energy beams from your ship that will destroy anything they touch.

4. Spiral: Shoots spiral waves of super bullets.

5. Shockwave: Throws all enemies away from your ship and destroys them on the zone's wall.

6. SuperShot: SuperShots cut through all enemies.

7. Shootingstar: Shooting starts shoot from your ship in all directions and destroy enemies.

8. Orbit: 4 globes spin out of your ship and destroy anything they touch.

9. Bomb: Expands from your ship to destroy all enemies present.

10. Freeze: All enemies are frozen and unable to move for a short time.

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