Game Series Devil May Cry series
First Appearance Devil May Cry 4
Affiliation: Order of the Sword (formerly)
Occupation: Soldier (formerly)
Rank: Low ranked (formerly)
Species: Has human , angelic and demonic heritage
Gender: Male
Family: Sparda (Paternal Grandfather)

Eva (Paternal Grandmother) Vergil (Father) Dante (Paternal Uncle)

Power: Powers of supernatural heritage
Weapon(s): Red Queen , Yamato and Blue Rose
Skill(s): Swordsmanship , Weapons Development
Special Skill(s): Devil Bringer , Mastery of unusual weapon
Creator(s): Hideki Kamiya

" Bang ! "


Nero is the new primary protagonist of the original Devil May Cry series. His name and angelic heritage is a play on his father's alias (nelo angelo). Nero was also the name of a European king ; this was to make it match with Dante's and Vergil's European names.

Physical Description

Nero's appearance strongly resembles his uncle's , although Nero has longer hair kempt to the side. His assigned color is black which is what "Nelo" means. His demonic heritage residued to his right arm (the devil bringer).


Nero is slightly brash somewhat resembling his uncle but is more timid.


  • Since he is only a quarter demon , his Yamato devil trigger summons a spectral demon conjoined to him to aid him in battle.

This spectral demon is actually Vergil's Yamato devil trigger - this intellectually shows his weak demon heritage and his lineage with Vergil.

  • The aura of his devil trigger is blue , just like his father's.
  • He had an unexplained inclination towards the Yamato.

Appearance in video games

Devil May Cry 4