Nerva Archipelago

Official NameNerva Archipelago
Level Range25-40
Zone TypeCity
Area2.19 square miles
Arena Access?No
TrainerArbiter Fredrick
Task Force
Strike Force
TrialSparcetriel (Respec 24-30), Trepsarciel (Respec 31-40)
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver2280, 11, 8426
Zone Events
Monster SpawnsCaleb
TransportationHelicopter to St. Martial, Ferry to Sharkhead Isle, Cap Au Diable, Grandville and St. Martial
Hero Groups* Longbow
* Wyvern
Villain Groups* Arachnos
* Council
* Crey
* The Lost
* The Family
* Devouring Earth
* Circle of Thorns
Contacts* Stella the Mouth (Broker)
* Winston the Gent (Broker)
* Darla Mavis
* Lt. Demitrovich
* Shadowy Figure
* Operative Rutger
* Psymon Omega
* Timothy Raymond
* Kelly Uqua
* Magus Mu'Drakhan
* Technician Naylor
* Arbiter Leary (requires Thorn Robber badge)
* Crimson Revenant (requires Hammer Down badge)
* Kristof Jeager (requires Villain badge)
Exploration Badges* Watcher on the Knoll: -92, 85, 5433
* Locked and Loaded: 3286, 126, 3644
* Nerva Wreck: 1388, 10, 2877
* Primal Instinct: 2305, -110, 798
* Tree Hugger: -167, 12, -180
History Plaques
Connected Zones


The Nerva Archipelago is a loose group of small islands in the northeast region of The Rogue Isles. They can be roughly divided into a small city area; including a major branch of Crey Corporation, a significant Longbow base, and several jungle-covered islands dotted with ruins dating back to the ancient Mu-Oranbega war. These islands tend to get rapidly more dangerous the farther north you go - if you're a supervillain, anyways. Longbow has their strongest presence of the Isles here, and it's a wonder that they've managed to hold onto it. On the main islands, you can often see them playing the role of heroes, and trying to help the local citizens.

The truly interesting part of the archipelago, however, are the ruins. Arachnos, Longbow, and Crey are all fighting each other and the Circle of Thorns to gain knowledge from the remains. In fact, Arachnos has even managed to use an ancient portal to allow them to counteract Paragon's Portal Corp. East of the ruins lies Thorn Isle, home to the gigantic, evil tree from which the Circle harvests its magical thorns. By stealing the Nexus of Thorns from the Circle, villains can gain the power to 'respec' their abilities, and there just so happen to be several unhappy demons willing to tell you how to do it.

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