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Netmarble (Korean: 넷마블 Japanese: ネットマーブル), a subsidiary of CJ Corporation, is a developer, publisher, and sponsor of free online games. You can only create an account if you have a South Korean citizenship registration number. The most popular game on Netmarble is Sudden Attack, a military first-person shooter that is similar to Counter-Strike. Netmarble is also notable for the first two DJMAX pc games. Recently, Netmarble has established global services on July 2009 for English-speaking players in North America.


In March 2010, a couple in Suweon, South Korea were arrested for allegedly neglecting their three-month-old premature daughter, resulting in her death by starvation. South Korean police said the couple fed her once a day between twelve hour sessions at an Internet cafe at which they played Netmarble's Prius Online. According to police, the couple became obsessed with nurturing and caring for a virtual girl within the game named Anima while their daughter starved to death. [1]

Notable games available


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