NeverDead is an upcoming video game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


The player controls a human demon hunter, who was cursed with immortality five-hundred years ago by a demon king. Now, he hunts demons for money and revenge.[1]


The game will be directed by Shinta Nojiri,, who also directed Metal Gear Acid,[2] and the game will be developed by Rebellion Developments.


The character that the player controls will be immortal, so the character will be able to survive taking injuries. The player will also be able to cut off their body parts and get them to attack enemies. The player will have to collect removed limbs. The player will be able to cause large objects to crush them when they are near enemies, which will harm the enemies but not the player. Gameplay will also feature puzzle elements. A female partner will assist the player, however she will not be immortal and so the player will have to take damage to protect her.[3]


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