Neville, The Bookish Father

Neville's Gold Portrait

Game Series Luigi's Mansion
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion
Status: Ghost
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Likes: Books
Hobbies: Reading
Family: Nana - Mother (Possibly)

Lydia - Wife
Henry & Orville - Twin Sons
Chauncy - Son

Trademark: Comfy blue robe, rocking in a chair reading a book.

Neville, the Bookish Father is the first portrait ghost Luigi faces in Luigi's Mansion. Neville is located in the Study, sitting on his chair, reading his book. He is 42 years old. In his room, the books fly off the shelves to attack Luigi. If Luigi holds up the Gameboo Horror at the cheese and inspects it, a Gold mouse will run out. If Luigi sucks it up, riches will fly all over the room.


Neville exposes his heart quite easily. Luigi must face away from Neville while he is reading, and after a few seconds, he'll begin to yawn, exposing his heart.


  • He bears a similar resemblance to "Nigel Thornberry" from the Nickelodeon show, "The Wild Thornberries".

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