New Star Games is a British video game developer specializing in sports role-playing games. It was founded by Simon Read in 2003.

Their most well-known product is New Star Soccer 3, a role-playing soccer game in which the user controls one player in a squad making decisions about his career and life decisions along the way. The game received the "Indie Sports Game of the Year Award 2006" from GameTunnel.[1] It was the first non-text based game released by New Star Games.

New Star Soccer 4, which features a 3D match engine and many new user-requested features, was released in late November 2008. Three public betas featuring the match engine only were released and 6 private career betas were released. The new game is a major change, because it consists of a single application controlling career and match gameplay, rather than two separate applications, as in New Star Soccer 3.



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