Population: 7,300,000 (Pop. estimate is pre-invasion)

Niacal is a lush planet with an overabundance of photosynthetic life, leading to oxygen concentrations greater than on most garden worlds. This is tolerable for a few hours, but soon oxygen toxicity becomes a real canger. Asari colonies here use breathers and sealable buildings.

Niacal's economy centers on agribusiness and biotechnology. Many genetically modified crops have their origin here.

Aware that the Reaper's plan of attack is to bombard industrial cities and enslave population centers, Niacal's soldiers and civilians alike have retreated to the planet's impenetrable jungles. A terrestrial guerilla war may not be enough to push the Reapers off the planet, but is has proven successful at immobilizing the enemy and forcing them to commit more resources here for little gain.

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