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Ninja Spirit is an arcade game released by Irem is 1988. The game was later ported to the TurboGrafx 16/PC-Engine and the Game Boy (Japan Only).


The game tells the story of Moonlight, a ninja who lost his father by the hands of a half human, half animal creature. It is a basic story of revenge, with little depth.


The game is a basic platformer. You move form one side of the screen to the next while killing enemies and ultimately you fight a boss.


The game starts you off with four basic weapons, and you can switch between them anytime and power them up individually.

  • Kantana

A basic sword that allows for close-ranged combat. When powered up, the range of this is increased.

  • Shuriken

Throwing stars that you can throw in one direction. When powered up, it allows for a spread shot as well as increased speed.

  • Sickle and Chain

A weapon that you can swing around 360 degrees. When powered up, range and speed of this weapon is increased.

  • Sedentary Bombs

Explosives that you throw at your enemies and plant on the ground as a mine. When powered up, you can throw the weapon rapider.

Power Ups

The game features many power ups along side your basic weapons.

  • Red Orb

This orb powers up your weapon.

  • Blue Orb

This orb allows for your shadow clones to appear. You can have up to two shadow clones.

  • Orange Orb

This orb gives you a temporary flame barrier which makes enemies that are close to you take damage.

  • White Orb

This orb clears the screen of enemies.


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