Ninjabread Man is a platformer from English developer/publisher Data Design Interactive. The game was released on the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows in Europe in July 2005. A port for the Wii was released on September 21, 2007 in Europe, September 27 in Australia, and October 3 in North America. Ninjabread Man was published as part of Data Design Interactive's 'Popcorn Arcade' brand of Wii games.[1]


Ninjabread Man is an action-adventure platformer. There are three levels in the game, plus a tutorial level.[2] In order to proceed to the next level, players must collect eight power rods to activate a teleporter.[3] When the player completes a level and plays it again, a menu appears with a second mode available, ‘Score Pickups’. If the level is completed again in this mode, the player will unlock ‘Time Attack’ mode. Completion of this mode unlocks the ‘Hidden Pickups!’ alternative mode.[3]

Several comic attacks appear in the game, such as the Samurai Sword attack that reduces enemies to jam.


Ninjabread Man received unanimously negative reviews upon release. The PlayStation 2 version of the game has a 31% average rating on GameRankings,[4] while the Wii version has an average of 17%.[5] On Metacritic, the Wii version of the game has an average score of 20/100, based on 6 reviews.[6] The PC version of the game was not reviewed by any major publication.[7]

IGN gave the Wii version a score of 1.5/10, saying: "Is Ninjabread Man actually a good game? No chance. It’s buggy, often completely broken, somehow manages to have frame issues in tiny levels, and is completely ruthless if (and when) younger players die."[8] Thunderbolt gave it 1/10, citing the game's length and the unimaginative use of the character as key flaws, "Ninjabread Man could be a cool guy with a bad attitude, in a stark and ironic contrast to his surroundings. He could be the Jack Bauer of the bakery, but instead our hero is silent and lifeless."[2] made it a SAGY nominee for "Worst Multiplatform Game of 2007." Screwattack blamed the quality assurance testers for not pointing out the flaws.


Despite the negative reception of the first game, on January 23, 2008, a sequel titled Ninjabread Man II: Blades of Fury was announced.[9]


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