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The Nintendo 64 Controller is the standard controller for all Nintendo 64 units. It consists of an 8-direction cross pad, a 360-directional analog thumb stick, nine action buttons (which include two shoulder buttons, a Z trigger, A and B color-coded action buttons, and four yellow "camera" buttons), and a Start button. The controller has three grips which allows it to be handled according to the game being played with it, and a slot in the back that was used for both memory storage paks and the Rumble Pak that was released with Star Fox 64.


  • Gray N64-controller-white
  • Black N64controllerblack
  • Atomic Purple
  • Grape Purple
  • Jungle Green
  • Smoke Gray
  • Fire Red
  • Berry Blue
  • Extreme Green
  • Gold
  • Pokémon Edition
  • Nintendo Power Donkey Kong 64 Edition

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