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A small terrestrial planet bathed in argon and carbon dioxide, Nios has a pressure-cooker atmosphere. Probes revealed calcite cliffs but few valuable minerals, and so the planet had only a few artificial satellites when the Reapers hit. Fragments from destroyed scientific research stations and spy drones litters the planer's Lagrangian points, presenting a navigation hazard.

Facts about "Nios"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure115.77 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length29.4 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameNios +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameNios +
NamePageNios +
NamesNios +
Orbital Distance0.75 AU +
Orbital Period0.7 Earth Years +
PageNameNios +
PageTypeElement +
Radius2,849 km +
Surface Gravity0.39 G +
Surface Temperature1,029.15 K (756 °C, 1,392.8 °F, 1,852.47 °R) +

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