Novarama Technology is an independent video game development studio based in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain.


The studio was founded in July 2003 with the mission statement of creating innovative games with mass appeal. The studio began developing PC games, releasing Fallen Lords: Condemnation on Christmas 2005 through a local publisher. Moving into the console space, Novarama began developing Wild Summer for the PC and Xbox360. The game was cancelled due to a publisher restructuring. Surviving the crisis with just a small core team, Novarama released Music Monstars for the Nintendo DS(known as Monster Band in the USA[1]) in Christmas 2008, a music title for young gamers.

Novarama's most recent project is the augmented reality based Invizimals, produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, where players need to hunt for invisible monsters around the house with the aid of a PSP and a camera[2], which makes them visible. The game was announced at E3 2009, showing the first game trailer and a playable demo[3]. Invizimals was released November 2009 across PAL territories, receiving generally positive reviews that highlighted the innovative gameplay and technology[4], and becoming one of the Best-Selling PSP games of the Christmas 2009 season across Europe.


Game Title Release Date Platform(s)
Fallen Lords: Condemnation 2005 PC
Wild Summer Project never published PC & Xbox360
Music Monstars / Monster Band 2008 Nintendo DS
Invizimals 2009 PlayStation Portable
Invizimals: Shadow Zone 2010 PlayStation Portable


  • Invizimals. Special Achievement for Innovation, Best of E3 2009, winner.[5]
  • Invizimals. Special Achievement for Technological Excellence, Best of E3 2009, winner.[5]
  • Invizimals. Game of the Show, Best of E3 2009, runner-up, lost to Little Big Planet.[5]
  • Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2009, Technological Innovation, for Invizimals.[6]


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