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Nutus is a hydrogen-helium gas giant with high nitrogen content. It had several colonized moons.

Nutus's moon Etrat was home to the small-time Terminus Systems warlord, Rashtek Chass, who extracted tribute from the colonists on Triginta Petra and any travelers stopping on by to refuel on helium-3. Rashtek's small navy appears to have fled to safer pastures in advance of the Reaper invasion.

Facts about "Nutus"RDF feed
Day Length13.4 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameNutus +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameNutus +
NamePageNutus +
NamesNutus +
Orbital Distance17.4 AU +
Orbital Period66.5 Earth Years +
PageNameNutus +
PageTypeElement +
Radius50,725 km +

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