Nyko manufactures accessories for various gaming consoles.

Nyko product's track record

  • Wii

Nyko has released some of the most critically acclaimed accessories to date for Nintendo's Wii. These accessories include the Perfect Shot, ChargeStation, Wireless Sensor Bar, and Classic Controller Grip. The Nyko Perfect Shot is said to be better than the Nintendo's own Wii Zapper gun due to having a spring-loaded trigger.

  • Xbox 360

Nyko's Xbox 360 Intercooler received praise when it was first released, but gamers found that the system later lead to hardware failures.[1]

  • Wii U

Nyko has made a charging station for the Wii U's Gamepad and a controller for it called the Pro Commander.

  • PSVita

Nyko's Power Grip for the PSVita makes it more comfortable to hold.

  • 3DS

Nyko's Game boost for the 3ds gives it an average of 1.5 more hours of gameplay, while the Power kit let's you charge on the go.


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