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Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses is a video game released in 2000, developed and published by Cryo Interactive Entertainment.


The game uses the Cryogen engine, with characters who are able to move in real time 3D, in a pre-rendered environment.


The game's universe stays faithful to Homer's the Odyssey, including its characters, Poseidon, Zeus, Cerberus and the Cyclops. Pénelope, who has had no news of Ulysses for many years, requests that Heritias set off in search of his childhood friend. Heritias first goes to Troy, the last place the leader of the Achaean troops was seen. In the game you have to fight creatures like the Gorgon and the Cyclops and you will have to foil the manipulation of the gods to escape from the conspiracy of Poseidon's agents, and resist the seductive enchantress.

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