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Officers is a World War II real time strategy game developed by 3A Games and published by Tri Synergy. It was released on 29th May 2009 in Europe and released in the USA on 14th July 2009 for PC.

Gameplay & Plot

Officers is set in World War II and it allows players to take control of Allied forces which consist of US and British Armies in a fight for control over Western Europe against Germany. The game's maps can support up to 1500 units on each map and the map size can be anything up to 10 square miles. The game has over 50 units and it lets players use real military formation tactics with units. Furthermore, the game also contains a map editor which allows players to create custom scenarios.


Metacritic gave the game a 66/100 rating, based on 9 critic reviews. Gamespot gave the game a 5.5/10 rating, based on 8 critic reviews.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.
  • 2600 MHz Processor.
  • 512 MB of RAM.
  • 128 MB video card.
  • DVD-ROM drive and DirectX 9.0c or above.

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